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Thinking about your customers


Every company and every manager would say that customer service is core to their business. With technological advancements, more and more companies are making use of enterprise solutions and social media to serve their customers better. As important as this might be, there is still the personal contact customers need, and have with companies that would determine the strength in the relationship.

I recently rushed into a food store and was welcomed by security at the door. As I grab a basket, a staff member tells me that I should not take one of those baskets. I asked her why I should not, with her answering;”because that’s a clean basket.” I immediately responded, “customers love clean baskets”.  In return I received a blank stare, with a split second of silence before I walked away to buy the things I needed. I doubt whether this experience would filter back into the meeting rooms of that particular retailer, or whether it would even reach head office.

As a South African, these are the things I would do to show how much I care about the people/customers:

  • Train store managers to become leaders and invest in management training such as systems and processes.
  • Create empowering environments for store personnel. Basic things such as opportunities to personal development, time-off, support staff to make rest breaks possible during busy times.

I am sure that there are more that could be done. What are the things you would suggest to provide better customer service?


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