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For the past month I have been working on ways  to utilise existing innovations in new situations. It has been very exciting as I discover the endless possibilities on offer. This experience has taught me the following lessons:

  • Innovations should be used for the improvement of people’s quality of life. For example, Social Media Tools have drasticly altered the way people relate to others, businesses and visa versa.  
  • I have also realised that you do not neccesarily have to re-invent the wheel.
  • That the uses of the tools available will expand and that many oportunities are yet to be discovered.

Recently, I registered with JamiiX, a tool used for social exchange and look forward to using it in education.

Very exciting stuff……………..


Encouragement and Success

How do you define success in the corporate world? Yesterday, I observed something very intersesting whilst waiting for my wife at a Retailer’s head office in Cape Town. Opposite me set two ladies, well dressed for an interview. The one lady freelly shared with the other her interview experience, and encouraged her to give her best shot. One of the comments made was:”Even if I do not get this job, i will accept that it was not meant to be, and that there will be the right job coming up”. I could see how they both find comfort in the conversation and in each other. I was encouraged by what i heaard and saw, but i wonder how much of this type of attitude persists in the workplace. So often we find colleques competeing  with each other at the expense of supportive relationships  and team or company success. Supportive and honorable relationships are critical if companies wish to reach their full potential. Can we thus assume, that even though many companies are perceived to be successfull, they yet have to reach success. They yet have to reach their full potential and accomplish all possibilities. But, if only greater relationships characterised by support and encouragement are present.

Keep on trying

The Social Media space is one which cannot be ignored by any person living today. And that includes myself. Over 12 months ago I created my own blog with Blogspot, but never really got the blog off the ground. And here I am, once again trying to do blogging. The difference between now and then, is that I know so much more about Social Media then before. I am confident that this time I can create a great blog that will add value to this creative space of blogging.

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