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Gone are the days of “Textbook Style” education

Students on OpendayThe 30th and 31st of July 2010 marked a critical step taken by the College of Cape Town in relation to Social Media for Vocational Training. The realisation that Management/Marketing Courses can no longer be relevant if new media like Social Media Tools and Internet Marketing is not incorporated into the curriculum. This has lead to the Business Department’s proactive response to involve the first ever Innovation Living Lab in the Western Cape, called RLabs. RLabs agreed to do a Social Media Surgery for the Marketing/Management department. The SM Surgery included a drive to add current and prospective students to the College’s Facebook Page and Twitter Account. It also involved the teaching of valuable SM skills to current and prospective students. A twitter fountain were visible at the main entrance with tweets and retweets going out all around the world. Their was an almost tangible feelling of excitement around the OPENDAY with students enjoying the ability to send and view their FB status updates and tweets around the event in real-time. This day I truly saw education at its best. Gone are the days of reading out of  a textbook and hope that students will learn just enough to get a decent job. Innovations and new tools like Facebook, twitter and many other Social Networking tools have to become part of the set of educational instruments used.


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Glad to be alive in this era. The advancement of all things.


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