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Recently, I had a very interesting conversation with a person who has been working for a company for almost a decade. “I do not really care about the company, I just do what I am supposed to do and I do it well.” was the statement coming from the above mentioned person. Knowing this person caused me to think about possible reasons why a dedicated, well experienced and resourceful individual would make such a comment.

I asked myself a few questions that are critical for managers to consider.

  • What percentage of workers thinks the same as the person identified in the case study?
  • What contribution did this individual make to the department and organization?
  • Does the manager know what motivates the employee to always deliver high quality outputs?
  • Are employees committed to an organization (A system), or to individuals within the organization?

The ability to answer the above questions could surprisingly unlock deep insights. One revelation would be that within organizations you would always find individuals who deliver high quality work largely due to their value systems. They take pride in their work and are content when their mission is accomplished. It is an internal drive and motivation, thus the need for external motivation from a manager is of no specific value to them.

How do managers then manage these individuals, and what benefit do these type of value- driven employees offer organizations?  These employees offer an amazing opportunity to be utilized as BRAND CHAMPIONS of the organization, extending their influence from within to the outside.

Managers may take these simple steps in working with employees as BRAND CHAMPIONS:

  • Acknowledge employees at all times,
  • create a space for them to be creative,
  • listen to them, and
  • reward them.

A follow-up blog will look at the value BRAND CHAMPIONS will add to your organization.


Messages brands communicate

I recently bought myself a very nice low rise and bootleg jeans at one of the Woolworths stores in Cape Town. Whilst fitting on the jeans, I noticed from the corner of my right eye a statement reading as follows: ” WHAT’S NEW? From our ‘fresh’ antibacterial finish on socks to our silhouette-slimming ‘magic’ range, we love making new discoveries and offering you innovative ideas.” The intitial set of words that caught my attention in this statement were “the antibacterial finish to our socks”. My mind could not grasp or see any picture as to how a pair of socks could have an antibacterial finishing. It however, still interested me to the extend that I was doing a little bit of background reading, as well as writing this post. I since learned from Woolworths website that the antibacterial socks are serving the purpose of keeping people’s feet fresh. How it does that, I still do not know. What I do however know, is that antibacteria has the ability to destroy germs and preventing it to grow. It would be realy nice to try on such a pair of socks in order to experience its antibacterial features. This would truly mean the “Difference” to me.

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