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I recently bought myself a very nice low rise and bootleg jeans at one of the Woolworths stores in Cape Town. Whilst fitting on the jeans, I noticed from the corner of my right eye a statement reading as follows: ” WHAT’S NEW? From our ‘fresh’ antibacterial finish on socks to our silhouette-slimming ‘magic’ range, we love making new discoveries and offering you innovative ideas.” The intitial set of words that caught my attention in this statement were “the antibacterial finish to our socks”. My mind could not grasp or see any picture as to how a pair of socks could have an antibacterial finishing. It however, still interested me to the extend that I was doing a little bit of background reading, as well as writing this post. I since learned from Woolworths website that the antibacterial socks are serving the purpose of keeping people’s feet fresh. How it does that, I still do not know. What I do however know, is that antibacteria has the ability to destroy germs and preventing it to grow. It would be realy nice to try on such a pair of socks in order to experience its antibacterial features. This would truly mean the “Difference” to me.


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Glad to be alive in this era. The advancement of all things.


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