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The need to donate to worthy causes has become a big focus for society, business, universities and the ordinary wage earner. Some people even acknowledge that giving makes them happier. This is obviously no science to determine the positive impact giving has on the giver and the receiver.

A new movement was allready launched by students of Rutgers University in America. to inspire lifelong giving. One of the students said that,  “People making an ordinary income can make a massive difference by donating.”  It is admirable to see ordinary people with limitted resources contributing their time and money to serve great causes within their respective communities. I know of individuals (See photo) who without fail contribute sacrifice their time, and sometimes even a permanent job to serve their communities through local Non-profits.  To view the work they do you can check out my activist account in support of the great work they do. http://craigdumont.givengain.org

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