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Practical steps to use Cloud Computing when teaching College students.

Many educators find it difficult to use technology to teach their learners. This could, amongst others, be  attributed to their lack of resources-or-skills.  However, some might have the technology skills, but still lack the knowledge on how to utilise those skills to teach their learners. And even if educators are able to use technology to teach, their ability to transfer those same skills to the learner is of more importance.

Recently, I found myself frustrated when learners continuosly demanded my attention to review the project work they have completed. I realised that instead of walking from one group of students to another, I could teach learners how to store their documents on the cloud. And what better way to start by introducing them to Google Documents.

These were the steps I followed:

1. Help and make sure that a group leader has a Gmail account and email the project to them.

2. When students have completed a piece of their project, show them how to save that piece of work on Google Documents, instead of on the computer.

3. Show them how to share that document with me (coach/educator).

4. Review the work on Google Documents and email them feedback. Alternatively have face-to-face meeting with the group to clarify and guide.

The above tips have been a starting point for me, and I know that more must still be done. Considering the development in cloud computing and its role in the business world, we as educators have to equip ourselves and our learners before they enter the business world.

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