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Enter that space where students engage.

After a busy day at work, I am reflecting on what I did and many conversations with colleagues and students. Some words that strongly come to mind is engage, influence and learn. Working as an educator in the college sector is an awesome privilege. In itself, every teacher or lecturer is presented with an opportunity or space to positively influence and shape the lives of others. This space has however become a lot more interesting due to the many tools students use to engage with peers. Smartphones and the use of Instant messaging and social media platforms have shaped the way this engagement space appear to educators. For some it is a whole new world with a completely different set of rules and a new kind of “language”. Learning to learn how to enter that “unknown” space seem to be the biggest challenge for some. It is however inevitable that the only way to effectively engage and influence learners, is by entering that space where they engage, and shape from the inside. Become a part of that space, speak their language, make it yours and positively influence.


Social Media and the Education Sector

Inspired Staff from the College of Cape Town is attending cutting edge training in Social Media at RLabs. We are thrilled to see which tools can be utilized to further equip our learners. We are ready to ensure “Inspiring Minds.”

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