JamiiX: Social Hub for Customer Communication

JamiiX was recently identified as one of the top 5 mobile innovations in Africa by the Vomo website. In its simplest form, JamiiX is an online or cloud-based solution that allows businesses and organisations to communicate and engage with their clients across different chat platforms.

The technology was initially build to provide online counselling to teenagers affected by drugs, alcohol addiction and HIV/AIDS, on the Cape Flats in Cape Town.  Through JamiiX, over half a million people were already counselled or helped by RLabs.

Currently, the solutions offered by JamiiX are being utilised by sectors such as Health Care, Non-Profits, Business, Marketing, and Education (SA University).

As an Instant Messaging Platform, it offers obvious benefits such as low-cost (instead of SMS),  and real-time communication with clients and partners.

Key solutions provided by the platform are:

  • Client/Customer support (Contact Centre)
  • Bulk Instant Messages
  • Surveys (Marketing etc.)
  • Alert/Feedback/Notification systems
  • Mobile Counselling
Along with the platform’s FREEmium offering. it also offers PREmium, Customised and Enterprise Packages.


Author: Craig Du Mont

Glad to be alive in this era. The advancement of all things.

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