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CRM made cool with Rapportive

I have recently been searching for applications that could improve my productivity within Gmail. Whilst searching through the Google Chrome store, I came across an extension called  “Rapportive”.

The extension to my Gmail immediately created a new look to my email, and caused me to think “cool”. What was so cool about it for me?

  • On the right side of the email window appears the profile of your contacts. A bird’s eye view of their online portfolio. How cool is that?
  • The best part  was when I received an email from someone for the very first time. I was dealing with a company, but more then one contact person from that company emailed me with updates related to my query. Immediately, the profile pictures of the new contacts popped up on the right side, and it provides me with details of their roles, and all the social media sites they subscribe to.
  • By having instant access to your contacts’ details, make communicating for the first time so much more easier and personal. Even though you have never talked over a phone, you know exactly what the other person looks like. Isn’t that cool?
  • And then I realised that rapportive allows me to make notes within my email regarding the correspondence I had with my new contact. And what note did I make? I identified the new contact as a new lead for future business and partnership. So, I typed a note to remind me that the new contact is a possible lead.
  • Another important aspect is that I was able to connect with my contacts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and whatever other accounts they have on the Internet. Once I have done that with selected contacts, I could immediately view their activity (posts, tweets, updates) within my Gmail account.

The Gmail extension presents a great opportunity for clients to connect and  expand their  marketing communications and customer relationship commitments. I have yet to explore every possible opportunity rapportive presents.

So have you already tried any Gmail extension with CRM features?

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