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I decided to ask some of my team mates at RLabs what they think are important aspects in education.  Over the last 5 years RLabs has  trained over 8 000 persons from the Cape Flats, in areas such as Social Media and Management. A common understanding is that many persons enroll in courses in order to improve their chances of finding employment. And so I wanted to find out what the community experience at the RLabs Academy. My team mates gave me their feedback which I summarized in 7 key aspects. These aspects  tend to be overlooked, even though it appears to be critical for the holistic development and future accomplishments of a person.

education facts

  1. Education builds confidence (Inter-personal growth);
  2. It serves as a place of safety for some;
  3. Provides an environment for change and growth;
  4. Provides acceptance to those feeling out of place;
  5. Gives a network of friends and contacts;
  6.  Affirms and promotes self-worth;
  7. Provides a space where persons can escape reality and the pressures of life.

Now I am the first to admit that we can easily focus on sharing knowledge and getting a targeted number of students to graduate. After considering the above feedback from my team mates, it clearly shows that the actual education experience and process, is so much more important, than the number of students that you actually graduate. The more meaningful the experience students have, the greater the chance for learning, personal growth, and future success. What do you think is important in education?

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