5 Ways to a better year

Many of us have made new years resolutions by now. If not, it’s probably safe to say that all of us, at least have a desire to either achieve more the coming year, or simply live a better life. Here are 5 ways that could lead to you having a better year. 

1. Be a leader and take on added responsibility.  
Everyone is a leader in some way or the other. You are a leader if you have a younger brother or sister. Consider the colleague who always ask you for your opinion, or a neighbor asking you for advice. Embrace your leadership role because there is a family, a community, and an organisation looking to you for guidance, wisdom and courage.

2. Attend a new course and continuously look for other ways to grow.
With access to the internet, you can do a free online course to broaden your knowledge. Also  identify community organisations/non-profits that provide training opportunities. Also, never forget to learn from your friends, parents, neighbors  and colleagues. They possess a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

3. Do something for others.
We are designed to be part of an ecosystem of support. In essence, as I recently heard on radio; “All of us are gravitating towards acceptance.” We want to be accepted by others and to belong. The year ahead could be a great year to purposely seek out opportunities to do something special for someone.

4. Start a business or take on a new job.
For some this is a scary thought, for very obvious reasons. Years ago, my mentor told me that the easiest way to commit, is by calculating the risk upfront. Know how much you can afford to lose, and make your attempt. Others have risked. And many of them had all the odds against them, but were rewarded for their courage and faith.

5. Become more innovative in your current job.
Businesses usually focus on innovation to come up with better products, services and processes. They also innovate to ensure sustainability. Likewise,  you and I, may also innovate in our jobs. Find ways to improve on the things that you struggled with last year. Call on a friend for help, and try without fear of failure, different approaches to your tasks.

So, these are the 5 things that could be extremely useful for having a better year. Is there anything else that you will focus on?  


Author: Craig Du Mont

Glad to be alive in this era. The advancement of all things.

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